Taking Steps to End Homelessness

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Walking Home is an annual, collaborative fundraiser to help support local agencies who each provide some type of help for those who are homeless in our area.


Walking Home was formerly known as “Homeward Bound.” This particular fundraiser has been in town since 2001 and has raised on average $50,000 a year which aids in helping the homeless. Each year, 300 or more people come out to not only support the agencies involved, but also learn about the reality for the homeless living among us.

Walking Home / Fort Wayne, Indiana

In 2013, all the agencies involved decided to keep everything about this event local to this part of our state. Because of this decision, this annual fundraiser has taken on a new name and look. Despite these changes, however, the purpose of the event has remained the same; namely, to bring more awareness about homelessness in our area and raise funds for local agencies involved in addressing the needs of that population.  Examples of what these funds may support include, but are not limited to, shelter, food, clothing, emergency assistance (basic needs), case management, advocacy, and transportation.

The common thought may be that homeless individuals and families are those we may see living under bridges or tucked away in some corner of a park. Even though this is true, the reality is that homelessness comes in various forms. Everything from families living in hotels to individuals living with families or friends to people staying in homeless shelters, transitional living facilities or even staying in their vehicles—all of these circumstances qualify as being homeless.

In Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, we can find all of these types of situations. The good news is, each of the agencies who participate in Walking Home (and others who are not involved) work hard to help end this reality.


  • local agencies to collectively raise well over $40,000 to aid in the steps to end homelessness in and around our area
  • our community to become more aware of the reality of homelessness in Fort Wayne and the surrounding cities
  • families and friends to come together for an afternoon of fun activities, good food, a little exercise, and to support a worthy cause
  • local companies to advertise and show their support for a great need in our area